As an illustrator and designer, Aura Parker creates bodies of work, including textile designs, prints and books, aimed to to enchant and intrigue. She is the founder of a boutique Australian art and homewares business Studio Bonnie.
Aura Parker

Illustrator / Designer / Storyteller /
Studio Bonnie co-founder / Sydney based creative

Aura Parker's bodies of work are constantly evolving. She often draws on themes of nature, humanity and childhood. Her work is insightful, charming and often tongue-in-cheek and playful.

When it comes to her individual style, Aura's artwork is often very bright and highly patterned. She likes to use curly organic lines, inspired by Art Nouveau, Japanese woodblock prints and geometric designs. She often works in watercolour, coloured pencil, gouache with digital enhancements. Aura's work is whimsical and quirky, yet personal too. She is passionate about art, design and children's literature. She lives in Sydney with her family and three children, who she tries to read and draw with as much as she can.

Aura has a background in web design, motion graphics and brand creation with over 15 years' experience as a graphic designer and illustrator. After studying Multimedia, TV production, animation at SVA and Enmore Design Centre, she worked in Sydney as a motion graphic designer and then travelled to the UK to work for the BBC London. Arriving back in Sydney in 2000, she worked on freelance projects from corporate branding, e-learning projects and interface design. Her drawing skill were what set her apart from other graphic designers, and she later branched out to work with publishers on illustrations and book covers. Her work is diverse, and ranges from whimsical and colourful designs for children to logos and scientific illustrations.

Aura's enduring interest in the expression of colour and fiber art, and her fascination with repeat patterns, led to the creation of her own original collection of bright contemporary prints in 2010. Aura exhibited at 'Designing with Fabric' at the Watch House Gallery in Balmain, which received a great response. She exhibited again the following year and what was originally a passion, has since flourished into a creative business. In 2012 she started working in collaboration with her sister-in-law, highly creative interior designer Marena Von Behr under the label Studio Bonnie, making screen printed art and textiles. Studio Bonnie has since exhibited twice in Sydney at the Design Institute's Interwoven exhibition at the Damien Minton Gallery, and in Melbourne for Spring Fashion Week. They can also be found at art and design markets like The Finders Keepers. The designs are now available online and through Lane Cove Gallery. Aura is now busy in the studio with Marena developing new work for 2014. For more info see

Aura Parker's expertise in e-learning design, graphic design and illustration, combined with her interest in the digital landscape, led to the development of her first ebook app. 'Nine Months on the Inside' is a beautifully illustrated and animated story in a diary format that is a refreshing and funny look at pregnancy. It became available for the iPad and iPhone in July 2012 and has since enjoyed a steady stream of downloads worldwide.